In November 2019 Yabby Dabba Doo was purchased by

Australian Yabby Farms Pty Ltd.

Australian Yabby Farms Pty Ltd and it's associated entities are proudly Australian Owned.

We have now gained DA approval  for significant farm expansion

and development program.

We look forward to continuing to supply fishers with our premium bait yabbies and farmers with Yabby Dabba Doo's faster growing

dam stock yabbies.

Geoff Weir - Managing Director

Nestled in the Pollution Free pristine environment of Port Stephens 2.5 hours drive from Sydney and 45 minutes from Newcastle the farm offers the perfect environment for growing yabbies.

Yabby Dabba Doo is the only licensed farm in NSW to grow and culture the CSIRO Super Yabby, a selectively bred improved strain of

Cherax destructor.

As with sheep, beef, wheat, rice canola etc, selective breeding play an important role in farming today.

We do not engage in any artificial, molecular or gene manipulation  techniques. All gains in the growth rates of our yabbies are

though our natural selective breeding program. 

Having a further 19 fresh and salt water species on our permit, opens the door for future opportunities.

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