Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming 

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Nestled in the Pollution Free pristine environment of Port Stephens 2.5 hours drive from Sydney and 25 minutes from Newcastle Airport, our farm offers the

perfect environment for growing yabbies.

Yabby Dabba Doo has a pemit to grow and culture the CSIRO Super Yabby, a selectively bred improved strain of Cherax destructor. Selective breeding plays an important role in our farming operations.

In what probably is a first for an Australian Yabby Farm, we have started producing our own fishmeal from a resource grown on farm for use in our feed program. This is a truly sustainable resource taking what is otherwise classified as an invasive pest species and turning it into a natural protein source for our yabbies.

All feeds used on our farm are from a locally grown and sustainable resource - and do not contain restricted animal matter or wild caught fish meal as in a variety of aquaculture feeds.

The feed pellet we occasionally use is a soy and canola based - steam cooked prior to being pelletised so as to denature the protein making it more digestable for the yabbies - meaning less is lost in the water column. 

We do not engage in any artificial, molecular or gene manipulation  techniques. All gains in the growth rates of our yabbies are though our natural selective breeding program.

Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming practices is the future

- we are playing our part.


Australian Yabby Farms Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned and operated.

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