Never give up on a dream

just because of the time

it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

-Earl Nightingale

Jamie Williams

About Us


Growing up in the Goldfields in Western Australia, from the age of 7 when I first experienced the smell of the ocean, fish and other water living critters have held a great fascination.

Moving too Perth for secondary education, the School being located on the Swan River proved too much of a temptation and education kind of took a back seat, after all there was a ready market for blue manna crabs at the local bowling club.

Girls work and financial commitments took care of the next 25 years.

1995 saw the continuation of this journey.

Starting with a small pond in an even smaller suburban Perth back yard growing Black bream, and cobbler, in 2005 we bought a run down Marron farm in the Perth Hills.

No matter how many books you read, how many courses you study, the best knowledge comes from hands on.

Poor pond design, a steadily declining rainfall, and discovering that marron or any crayfish for that matter are not suited for RAS tank based aquaculture, in late 2013 an opportunity to purchase a yabby farm in NSW presented itself.

Once bitten twice wise, the next 12 months was spent on due diligence and while the ponds were not exactly in greatest condition, high rainfall, all clay soils, plenty of land to expand, and located in a pollution free environment, ticked all the boxes.

The jewel in the crown was that this was the only yabby farm in NSW that had maintained an isolated population of the CSIRO Super Yabby, a genetically improved strain of Cherax destructor.

As with sheep, beef, wheat, rice canola etc, genetics and selective breeding play an important role in farming today.

Despite no financials and quite a lot of work needed to make the farm commercially viable, in January 2015 we settled.

While our NSW DPI Fisheries permit to culture the Super Yabby doesn't allow us to sell live specimens, the CSIRO Super Yabby forms the foundation of our selective breeding program.

Having a further 19 fresh and salt water species on our permit, opens the door for future opportunities.