All yabbies are sold live and keeping them alive is important,

live bait is by far the best bait. When you get them they

will be in just a small amount of water not enough to  

cover them just 3-4 mm deep so they stay moist

but can breathe oxygen from the air.

Yabbies have gills like fish except they are hard so they don’t collapse when out of the water and function well in air.

So long as the gills remain moist yabbies can survive

indefinitely  out of water. Just change the water

every day and keep the yabbies cool and they

should last several weeks in the box

without hassles.

Sold by 50 or 100 they make excellent bait for freshwater species such as Yellowbelly, Bass, Trout and Murray Cod. They also make great bait for saltwater species like bream, flathead and snapper with more and more saltwater fishermen using them. Although yabbies are a freshwater crayfish they survive for hours

in salt water so make great live bait.

Bait Yabbies

for Sale


SMALL BAIT 25-60mm

For pricing on large 60-100mm Bait See Dam Stock Price List

Bait yabbies are generally available

all year round. Head to tail we have 

  2 sizes 25-60mm or 60-100mm

Nothing beats a LIVE Bait Yabby 

Nothing beats a LIVE Yabby Bait in Salt or Freshwater

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