Admission to our farm

strictly subject to the

Bio Security Controls

NO uncooked crustaceans which includes prawns, crabs, yabbies

lobsters or worms regardless of origin

are to be brought onto

our property.

Equipment including fishing rods, nets traps, persons, watercraft or vehicles used on or in waters

between 31 deg S (Port Macquarie)

and 23 deg S (Rockhampton)

NOT permitted onto the property

without prior approval.

Closed footwear is essential.

Persons entering our property will be required undergo footwear and

hand disinfection on entry



Foot bath may contain chlorine and other disinfectants

No Animals permitted on property
Assistance animals* by

prior arrangement.
*Please note Assistance animals not permitted within quarantine areas.

Your cooperation in keeping our facilities Bio Secure is greatly appreciated.


White Spot Disease

(not to be confused with Ich) 

is NOT harmful to humans and

once cooked, infected crustaceans pose

no further threat to any other species

found in our environment

Bio Security