Admission to our farm is strictly subject to our
Biosecurity Farm Management Plan.

Failure to comply with these arrangements may be an offence
under the Biosecurity Act 2015.

Penalties can include an on the spot fine of $1000 or a court ordered fine of $220,000 for individuals  and $440,000 for a corporation.

November 2021 Update:

In the interests of health and safety of our staff Farm access only available
to persons who have been double vaxxed against
COVID-19* OR who are in possesion of a
 Medical Exemption Certificate.**

* Masks required to be worn in all indoor areas.
No masks required outdoor areas.


** Persons with a Medical Exemption Certificate
will be required to wear a mask at all times
while at the farm 

We do not collect, record or store by any means
customers vaccination or other details.

Visit the privacy link for further information.

General Conditions of Entry:

 1. Management reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons considered
a health, welfare or biosecurity risk to our farms operation.

2. Please observe all signage and park in the VISITORS ONLY PARKING

3 Closed footwear essential. Hand and foot disinfection required
to access any of our facilities.

4. No Live or uncooked seafood to be brought onto our property
without prior written consent.

5. No domestic animals permitted onto the property. Exemptions exist
for assistance animals however no animals permitted
within quarantine areas.
6. Equipment including fishing rods, nets traps
fish boxes etc to remain in vehicle.

7. Vehicles towing watercraft to remain in zone as directed.

8. All persons must comply with all and any instruction by farm staff.


Foot bath may contain bleach, chlorine or
other disinfectants.

Hand disinfectant contains
>70% alcohol.

Your cooperation in keeping our facilities
Biosecure is greatly appreciated.