Cherax destructor by another name

Super Yabby


 Back in 1998 the CSIRO Livestock Industries at Chiswick near Armidale NSW self funded a research project aimed at

increasing the productivity of farms through genetic

improvement of yabby stocks.

The research program was led by Dr Dean Jerry who’s vision and dedication to the aquaculture industry drove this project.

Dean was our hero at the time and had the full support

of the NSW Aquaculture Industry.

The program continued under the leadership of geneticist

Dr Ian Purvis to fruition in 2005 culminating in

the release of “SUPER YABBY” stock

to the commercial yabby industry.

While not reclassified, NSW DPI Fisheries determined there

was enough of a difference that warranted the issue

of a special permit for its culture

Of the NSW farms lucky enough to receive stocks of the Super Yabby, while most mixed it with their existing stocks, the previous owner

of  our farm had the foresight to keep the progeny they received

in isolation thus preserving the integrity of the genetics.

Yabby Dabba Doo is the only NSW Yabby farm with a special DPI Fisheries Permit for the culture of the CSIRO Strain and while not permitted to sell live specimens, our continued development

of the CSIRO Super Yabby forms the foundation

of our breeding program.