Farm Dams Stock up your dam with Yabbies Dam Stock Yabbies

Perfect for Farm Dams Stock up your dam with Yabbies. Dam Stock Yabbies available all year.

Dam stock yabbies

Dam stock are the perfect size to stock a dam. You should not use anything larger as they tend to wander from the new dam. Dam stockers are large enough to look after themselves, too big for most eels and fish to eat, and large enough to start breeding right away.

The yabby is mainly vegetarian and prefers fresh food but it commonly scavenges in the bottom detritus. The yabby is not averse to attacking

and eating its own kind, especially when the prey is smaller, or soft

after molting. Healthy yabby populations are often found where

manure (which is basically partly digested grass) is washed into

farm dams from surrounding paddocks, or where cattle or

sheep drop it directly into the water. Juveniles and

young yabbies eat the same food as adults.

Adding old or water damaged hay to your dam can be a beneficial food source. New hay should be left to too weather until it

goes a dark brown colour.

Best method of adding hay to your dam is to strategically stake a couple of the small square bales to the dam floor with a wooden stake. Initially buoyant the wooden stake provides a means for the yabby to

access the hay until it becomes water logged.

Breaking up and spreading dry hay on the surface is not

recommended as it will ultimately all end up at one end.

Dam Stock Yabbies are approximately 60-100 mm head and come in a variety of colours as they come from a variety of ponds.

The mix of colours is important as when you place the yabbies into the dam they will grow and molt and change colour to the colour most suitable for survival in your dam.

You may get some, browns and pinks and blues but over time these yabbies may all go pink, or blue or green as that’s the colour 

that’s most suitable for survival in your dam.

Grown sustainably and chemical free in our earthen ponds Dam Stock yabbies

are available all year round.

These 90 mm head to tail yabbies have over 300 eggs