Where a delivery component and charge for delivery forms part of our agreement to supply,

 the following conditions apply.

Your responsibilities

Forming part of these conditions is that you accept that the transport of live animals involves some risk.

Unless otherwise specified by us, you accept that delivery of our product to you is via a third party supplier.

For the purpose of expediency you agree to allow us

act on your behalf with a third party supplier

in arranging delivery.

You accept that ownership passes to you

once in the custody of a third party.

Insurance coverage is not available

on the transport of live product.

You agree to indemnify us and any third party contracted to make delivery of our product to you from any

delay, damage or loss, however caused.

Unless otherwise agreed, all deliveries are on a

leave safe basis, meaning that if no one is home

to receive delivery it will be left in a safe place

at the address you provided.

Where you have been advised that delivery is via a depot pick up, it is your responsibility to ensure your phone is turned on the number you provided is monitored and that when advised your parcel is ready to be picked up

that you are able to collect from the depot

during normal business hours or

within hours as advised to you.

It is your responsibility to advise us ASAP of any change in circumstances likely to affect or delay delivery

to you as has been agreed.

So long as you advise us of any such change before 12pm on the day of dispatch, we will hold back and reprogram your delivery 
at no financial loss to you.

You accept that in accordance with our Bio-Security protocols, that once in custody of a third party yabbies cannot be returned to the property under any circumstances

and that you accept full responsibility

for any loss suffered.

Our responsibilities

In accepting that some delay may occur, we pack

orders on the basis of a three day transit time.

We will not accept any order for supply where estimated

transit times provided to us by a third party

are greater than two days.

We do not receive any payment or other from any third party freight or logistics supplier

contracted on your behalf.

In the event that we become aware or advised that

insurance may be available, we will advise you.

Some mortality is to be expected,

we always pack some extras.

We reserve the right to hold back or reprogram your delivery

if at anytime prior to dispatch that we become aware of anything (such as extreme weather events) that would compromise safe delivery to you.

In the event of changes by a third party that no longer make delivery to you possible, we will refund

the full cost of your order.

Once our product passes to the custody of a third party, for Bio-Security purposes, they cannot be returned to the property and will be destroyed at your cost.

If on your behalf and direction we are able to retrieve your order from a third party and subsequently able to

secure a sale to another person, we will refund

this amount to you minus any costs

incurred by us in the process.

Delivery Conditions