Sustainable and environmentally
responsible practices
not just catch phrases
it's the future!

Investment Opportunity

‚Äč50/50 Ownershp/partnership offered in an existing licensed and operating Aquaculture Farm.

Passive or active involvement

100% security offered to the right person (s)

Aquaculture is Australia's fastest growing primary industry driven by an ever increasing consumer demand for clean, green and environmentally sustainable fresh seafood.

Our farming philosophy is ethical, environmentally responsible and sustainable with zero discharge into the environment.

No hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, meat GMO, fish or meatmeal products are used in our farming practices.

Our facility complies with the National Aquaculture Councils Aquatic Animal Welfare Guidelines.

2.5 Hours from Sydney
25 Min from Newcastle Airoort
45 Minutes North of Newcastle
2 min off the M1

40 hectares Zoned RU2 Approved for Aquaculture
Permit approved for 20 Species - Salt and Freshwater

Only NSW Farm licensed to culture the CSIRO Cherax destructor o
ffering 30% faster growth rates
Demand will always exceed supply

20 Existing ponds
High Rainfall - All clay soils

Sealed road access State forest and

marine water property boundaries.

3 Phase power, land line and Internet connected,

Two options

Option 1 - $375,000
50% ownership - no development - capital grwth

Opiton 2 - $750,000 (50% down balance over 1-3 years)
50% ownership + development of stages 1 & 2 offering capital growth plus six figure Nett annual revenue streams after development.

Active or passive involvement.
No experience necessary as full training will be given to the right person,

Future Stage 3 development potential to offer seven figure annual revenue streams

Sustainable and environmentally responsible Land based aquaculture is the future NOT ocean sea farms.

This would be extremely attractive for someone in or with experience in the earthmoving or commercial building industries as the development cost component

quoted here is at contracted cost

Genune enquiries only - NO wannabees please.
Jamie 02 4997 5415