Sustainable and environmentally responsible practices are not just catch phrases's the future!

An opportunity exists for investment / partnership(s)

Unique vertically integrated development,
production, education, recreation
and tourism.

Ethical, sustainable and environmentally responsible
farming practices.

Ideal location for production recreation and tourism.

Land based aquaculture is the fastest growing
primary industry in the world.

Government support.

Huge local demand for product, not subjected to
market price pressures.

Meets the principles of ESG investment.

4 stages of development.

Investment / partnership opportunities for stages 2, 3, 4.

​Stage 1 - DA Approved - Construction of 31 ponds underway.

Stage 2 - Construction of 18 ponds.

LLS Land clearing approval in process.
( Est cost $180k )


Stage 3 - DA Approved - Construction of 10 ponds

( Est cost $100k ) 

Stage 4 - Production & associated facilities.

( Est cost 1-1.5M* )
*Subject to final plan 

Details of Development here

Genuine enquiries only. 


​Opportunity Knocks: