Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming 


All feed used in our breeding and growing processes are from sustainable resources.

We do not use products containing wild caught fishmeal,
restricted animal matter or tallow ingredients.

Environmentally Responsible:

Our farm operates with Zero discharge into the environment,
100% of waste products are treated on site through natural
biological processes.

All waste water is recycled for re-use


No Chemicals, No Antibiotics , No Steroids, No Growth Hormones  or GMO products are used in our farming practices.

Science & Technology:

We do not use molecular or gene manipulation technology
in our breeding programs. 

The superior growth traits of our yabbies are achieved solely
 through our natural selective breeding programs.

Animal Welfare:

Our facility complies with the National Aquaculture Councils Aquatic Animal Welfare Guidelines.

 Sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices 
...not just catch phrases... it's the future!

Our Farming Philosophy: