Why a Pet Yabby?
Why Not! 

Blue Claw Yabbies look sensational 
in an aquarium.

Pet Yabbies

We don't breed for colour and because colour is subjective, we believe it is best that you choose your own pet, for that reason we do not ship orders for pet yabbies.

It is advisable not to put too many yabbies in an aquarium. 1 or 2 large ones or up to half a dozen smaller ones in a 100 litre aquarium.

To grow a yabby needs to change its shell (molt).

This process can take up to an hour or more and it is at this time that your yabby is vulnerable to being eaten by other yabbies or fish if they are hungry

It is ideal that you place rocks or shelter of some kind in your aquarium.

Yabbies will eat just about anything, what you feed them can affect water quality.

Yabbies do not need to fed every day. Every 2-3rd day in summer
3rd or 4th day in winter.

Water temperature drives metabolism, warmer the water, the hungrier the yabby, but remember warmer water, requires greater monitoring of water quality ie pH, oxygen and ammonia.

18-20 deg Celcius is an ideal temperature range.

​Small amounts of vegetable scraps are ideal. A small amount of chicken or lean meat can be fed every now and them in small amounts.

Avoid pellets with tallow or fish meal as a protein source and pellets with less than 20% protein are preferred. Even better if you can source a chicken pellet that has been de-natured or cooked prior to being pelletised. 

This process ensures that the protein is more digestable for your yabby.

Fly or insect spray should not be used in the same room as your aquarium as all pesticides are deadly for yabbies.

Yabbies prefer alkaline waters with a pH of 7 - 7.5 preferable.

Yabbies breed readily. There should be plenty of cover, such as water plants, where juveniles can escape from the adults.

Aquatic plants should be tied to large stones to stop the yabby uprooting them while burrowing or searching for food otherwise use artificial plants. 

Of course, most fish will eat juvenile yabbies.

Yabbies are great escape artists so if you give them an opportunity to escape, they will.

 Keep the water level far enough below the top of the tank to prevent yabbies from climbing the air hose and crawling out.

Yabbies come in a variety of colours, pinks, browns, blues, greens and various of shades in between and our stock changes from week to week.

Pet yabbies only available for pick up from farm.

Prices from $2 - $30 (avg $5)
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