No personal, financial or other information of users/visitors to our web page or business

are stored on servers for this site

The host of our website may collect IP information for their own security and website

management purposes.

We do not use tracking cookies nor do we use any information you provide to us for

marketing purposes.

We do not sell or provide IP or other details of visitors to this site or our business premises to any third party.

 Credit card purchases for our products either via a link on this site, by email, telephone or on farm

are processed offsite through PayPal.

We do not send out promotional or marketing emails.

​Promotions we may run from time to time are

only published either on this site or

via our Facebook page.

Any personal information provided by you directly to us either online by telephone or email is stored securely offsite and only used

for the purposes intended.

Purchase of live product.

In the unlikely event of a disease outbreak

time is critical in helping prevent

the spread of disease.

For Biosecurity and traceability purposes, we reserve the right to collect and retain certain information such as, your contact details, destination and

intended use of any live product

purchased from us.

This privacy policy applies to all parts of our business whether online, by telephone, email or in person

at our farm.

Privacy Policy