Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming 

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Closed footwear - Hat - water bottle (1 litre)  Sunscreen - Pencil & workbook (if completing a school or class activity)

Free Farm Tours for Schools

The more you know, the more you learn, the more you learn, more places you'll go.

As part of our community commitment we offer the opportunity to visit our working yabby farm at no cost.
Parents welcome to attend.


From basic to more detailed - farm tours are individually tailored to meet desired outcomes of each school.

Induction - Farm Biosecurity & disinfection protocols.

Yabbies - What are they? - Boy or a girl?  Importance in the food chain. - Habitat - Growth cycle - What do they eat - Keeping as pets & how to look after them at school or at home

Environmentally and Sustainable farming practices - why it is important for our future.

​Harvesting - practical activity - student involvement.

Old fashion yabby fishing - practical activity - student involvement.


Talk and Tour : 60 - 90 minutes

 Including practical component, (Net Harvesting, Yabby Fishing)

2 - 3 hours.