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Yabby dam stock Super Yabbies

 Faster Growing Yabbies

If you have a dam on your property there is nothing better than wandering down often with a coldie in one hand a net or two in the other returning with a feed of delicious of these faster growing blue claw yabbies.

Each female yabby capable of producing up to 1000 offspring multiple times in a year.

​How many do I need?

Yabbies need AREA not  volume.

The minimum number of yabbies you will need to build a sustainable population is primarily based on square metre area of your dam, this is to ensure sufficient mix of males/female and to cater for losses due to predation.

 Dams less than 1000m2: 100 - 150

1000-2000m2:  200 - 400

Better results are achieved at stocking rates of up to 5 yabbies per 10m2 surface area.

Supercharge your dam production with our NEW Advanced Stage Super Yabby Damstock. Double the size of normal damstock means you'll have these delicious critters on your dinner table even sooner.

​​Food availability

Yabbies are detritus feeders able to metabolise meat and vegetable protein meaning grasses, hay, bugs decaying leaf matter, vegetable scraps are all ideal food sources.