Stocking your Dam With Yabbies

When you have a dam on

your property there is nothing

better than wandering down to

your waterhole, often with a coldie

in one hand a net or two in the other and coming back with a feed of delicious blue claw yabbies

Ensuring a continued supply of these delicious critters depends on the stocking density you started with, bearing in mind it wont only

be you snacking on these delicious morsels.

Water rats, eels, cormorants, herons, turtles, carp etc also have the humble yabby on the top of their menu


Starting with one male and female in a 1000m2 dam is pointless as they are never likely to ever meet up again.

The common method for growing yabbies in farm dams is referred to as extensive farming.

Extensive farming is where the only food source is what washes in or occurs naturally in your dam.

The recommended minimum stocking density on an extensive method basis is 1 yabby per 10 square metres, or 100 yabbies which ever is greater.

Calculate square metres of your dam

Round dam using diameter or radiius 

Square/rectangle dam using length and width

Ultimately the number of critters you stock will be dependent on how much food is available, and how many and how

often you want to feast on this delicacy.

Another method of farming is known as semi intensive.

This is where food is artificially added to supplement that naturally available. If you are prepared to add an artificial food source once or twice a week, then you could look at increasing the

stocking density to 1 yabby per 5 square metres.

As an example commercial farmers of yabbies feeding 3 or 4 times a week would tend to stock at a density of 2-3 yabbies per square metre.

Overstocking is not recommended as this can cause stress, slower growth rates, higher mortality and yabbies tend to be highly stressed and

develop an angry streak from having to fight for available for food.

Happy farming!!