Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming 
Our yabbies are purged for a minimum of 24 hours prior to us packing them for you. - This is to ensure any food consumed prior to harvest passes through their system.


Transporting Yabbies


Getting our yabbies to you alive and healthy  is our priority. 
This is how we do it.

Yabbies transported to you in insulated polystyrene boxes. In keeping with our farming philosophy we are presently trialling more environmentally friendly packaging options.

Yabbies have gills which unlike fish dont collaspe when out of water enabling them to survive out of water indefinitely so long as they are kept cool and moist.

For this reason we pack them in woodwool. Woodwool is soaked for minimum of 48 hours prior allowing it to absorb moisture and provides a safe and comfortable medium for your yabbies.

An internal liner is used to ensure there are no escapees in the rare instance of the box
sustaining damage during transport.

Yabbies are then added to the box between layers of woodwool.

Last of all a gelpack wrapped in bubble wrap and an an Ice block is added
to lower the temp in the box.

The lid is secured with 3 layers of packing tape.

If kept cool and moist yabbies can survive in the box for several days.

If there is going to be more than a 2 day delay from when you receive them to when you put them in your dam - let us know and we will email you instructions on how to refresh the box.

Recycle - Reuse

The woodwool packing material is biodegradeable and can be added to your dam.

The gelpack can be reused - just place it back in your freeer.

The polystyrene box great for transporting frozen and cold foods from supermarket to home.