Catch your Own Yabbies


Mums, Dads, Kids bored?... complaining of nothing to do?


Come yabbying the old fashioned way with a piece meat on a string.

More fun than Netflix Stan Snapchat - I-Pads - X-Boxes & Play Stations.

7 days 9 - 2 ( later by arrangement)

Cost: $5 per person stay as long as you like.
Catch and release or buy what you catch @ $35 per kg

Limited premium purged yabbies available (50-100gm) $45kg

Corporate Fun Days & Birthday Parties welcome

Bookings Appreciated - 4997 5415

Old clothes, a hat and closed footwear essential, water bottle.

Dont forget the Aerogard

​Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Welcome to bring a picnic lunch BUT please NO SEAFOOD.

Please note for Bio-security reasons no dogs or animals permitted on the property.