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Wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2018.

May you achieve all that you set out to do and that your ponds and dams be overflowing with yabbies

Our farm will reopen to the public 8am - 4pm

7 days a week from February 1.


Sorry NO eating size yabbies available.

Dispatch Dates

Tuesday Jan 30 -

Tuesday Feb 6

Tuesday Feb 13


Bait Yabbies for Sale, Dam Stock Yabbies for Sale Pet Yabbies for Sale

Going fishing? .

 Nothing beats a LIVE yabby bait in salt or freshwater.

Want to stock your dam?

Nothing beats a dam stocked with your very own supply of our delicious tasting fast growing yabbies.

Home of the CSIRO Super Yabby
 So named for its faster growing and superior genetics the

CSIRO Super Yabby is the foundation of our breeding program.

Yabby Dabba Doo is the only farm in NSW Licensed to breed the CSIRO Super Yabby.


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