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School Excursion

Tuesday March 29  2016

Today we welcomed Ag Science students from Medowie Christian School.

Guided by Farm Manager Rob McCormack students were were taken on a tour of the farm and facilities.

Students learned about dam construction, how and why periodically drain and dry them, and the refurbishment process from installing crayfish hides, liming, and placement of hay as a base food source.

In our holding and purging facility where yabbies are purged and graded,  students learned the basics on the importance of filtration and the biological process of removing ammonia from the system and why we purge our yabbies prior to sale.

We would like to thank Andrew Gill from Medowie Christian School for his foresight enthusiasm and motivation in making this happen.

Thanks also to the Management of Medowie Christian School in supporting Andrews desire to giving his students this opportunity.

If you think students from your school would benefit as Andrew's have from a visit to a working commercial Yabby Farm, I would welcome your call.



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Extended summer conditions has allowed us to speed up the refurbishment of our existing ponds to commercial standards which will see an increase in product availabilty come Sept 2016.

The process of refurbishment requires ponds to be drained, dried and limed.

Hay is then added to provide a base food source for the 1000's of baby yabbies that will be added once ponds are refilled.

To achieve optimal growing conditions and healthy stock ideally this should be done every 2 or 3 years.

Stringline hides that we use in our marron ponds in Perth have been added to provide shelter and to increase production. 

Work has also commenced in upgrading our holding and purging facilities


Enjoy 60+ minute guided tour of our commercial farm operations.

Includes a tour of the ponds and demonstration of various traps used to catch yabies including the super trap. 

In the purging and packaging shed you will see yabbies being graded, and purged and includes a demonstration of how we pack yabbies to be shipped off to our customers.

Have all your questions answered about yabbies how to grow them keep them for fun or profit.
Appointment necessary.
Groups of 10+...,, $10 each
Groups of 5 - 9... $20.each

Groups 2 - 4 ....... $25 each

Phone 02 4997 5415

Commercial Farm Consultations available
On our Farm $100. per hour
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