No fishing licence required.

Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming 

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​​What is "ComeFishing.au" 

A safe fun way for individuals and families to come fishing for your favourite Australian Native Fish Species without needing a boat, fishing gear or a recreational fishing license. Catch & Release or Keep.

What species can I catch?

Two 1800m2 ponds stocked with 300-600gm Silver Perch. Other species to be addd soon.

No Fishing gear? - No problem!!

Free Rod and net hire available. Each hire rod comes with a lure, or our special paste mix & Live Bait Yabbies are available for purchase.

Foam boxes can be purchased to take your fish home.

Can I use my own equipment?

Yes, You can use your own fishing gear, (barbless hooks only unless you intend keep your catch)

Catch and Release.

Catch and release conditions  

Barbless hooks, fish gloves, fish net landed. Staff will advise on arrival.

Want to keep your fish?

No problems just pay for what you catch at whatever per kg market price at the Sydney Fish Market on the day. (usually $20-24/kg)


How much does it cost to Fish?

Can I bring my own Bait?

ure fishing is preferred however if you wish to fish with bait, our paste mix or you can purchase Live bait yabbies.


Water has the potential to transfer bacteria harmful for our fish and other aquatic species we produce on farm. For this reason we have ice specially prepared for us for sale at minimal cost. Sealed commercially bought gelpaks are okay.

Prohibited in Fishout Area

Barbed hooks/lures

Bait of any kind.

Fish attractant


Seafood of any kind.


Thongs - (Rubber boots preferred)

Gaffs, spearguns.

Animals - including companion and assistance animals