Yabby Farming


Bookings Essential 
Groups 2 or more....... $20 each
Family (mum dad 4 kids )...$40.
School Groups... FREE

Commercial Farming Tour
60 - 90min

For those seriously considering Yabby Farming 
as a

second income stream or stand alone business.

Some of the Topics Covered in commercial farm tour are
Pond size and design & Pond Management
Stocking densities Feed / Nutrition
Production & Harvesting
Marketing & Shipping

Purging & Permits

 Bookings Essential Cost $120 (Includes up to 4 people )

Phone 02 4997 5415

 Learn all about Yabby farming

in a 30+ minute guided tour of our commercial Yabby Farm.

Farm Tours available 6 days

Appointment only

Please note all persons entering our farm strictly 

subject to our Biosecurity Management Plan 

Please click on the Bio security link on the left to learn what

bio-security measures are in place and what is not

permitted to be brought onto the farm.

General Tour 30 - 40 minutes

Learn all about yabbies, where they grow, what they eat

How to tell a male from a female,

Different methods of catching.

​Includes a tour of our growing ponds and purging facility

(if you're game enough you can even pick one up)