WA - SA - TAS - NT

Deliveries not available to these states
You are welcome to call us on 02 4997 5415 if you have any questions etc, however for tracking and traceability
purposes orders can only be placed by email.

Information we need.

Name , delivery address, postcode and a contact number so we can contact you if there is a problem with the delivery.

Delivery direct to your door is not always possible and maybe via a depot pick up.

​Postcodes we deliver to can be found here

Quantity and type (ie Bait or Dam Stock)

If you are ordering dam stock we will need the square metre area of your dam(s) this is to ensure you will get the best results possible.

The area of your dam determines the minimum number of yabbies you will need to build a sustainable population.

You can always stock more than the minimum.

If you are having your yabbies delivered please read
delivery conditions before ordering.

On receiving your order we will email you an invoice.

For non account customers full payment required before delivery.

Orders are not confirmed until paid for.

Direct debit payment only.


02 4997 5415

How to Order

Limited dam stock yabbies  available during
 construction and stocking
of our new ponds.

Environmentally & Ecologically Sustainable farming